Casita Barranca
Junipero Serra 85,
Playa La Misión, Mexico

From the 5 Fwy South take the 805-South to the border.

At the border, put your dometer to 0. Right after you pass the border crossing, you will come to a Y in the road.

Keep left onto the bridge then keep to your right and watch out for Ensenada Rosarito scenic Route 1. Take this on ramp to your right which will lead you to Zona Rio. This road runs along the border fence which you will see on your right. Stay on this road.

Keep to the right. It will bring you up the hill and then down the hill again on the other side. Watch out for the on ramp on your right side on the bottom of the hill.

Take the on ramp to the Scenic route 1 Ensenada Rosarito Playa de Tijuana. Keep to your left to catch the Quota Route. If you have the green plastic sensor for the toll payment, keep to the right for toll passage.

The old toll booth is already closed so just drive through it. The second “Casseta de Cobra” is the new one and there you need to keep to the right if you have the green plastic sensor. Otherwise, just drive through any lane and pay cash.

From the border, drive 39 miles on the Quota Scenic Road south. Pass Rosarito. On the right side of the road, you will see KM markers.

At KM 64, you will pass PLAZA DEL MAR visible on the right. Get ready to exit.

At KM 65 which is 39 miles from the border, you will exit to the right. This is the Plaza del Mar, La Mision exit. There is also a sign La Fonda. Take a left onto the old road.

Pass the La Mision and La Fonda hotel to your right. Continue on the old road up the hill. The road makes a left turn.

Watch out for the entrance to Playa La Mision on your right (40 miles from the border.)